Name: Jomary Torres
Nationality: Philippines
Weight Class: Strawweight
Height: 5’3″
Martial Arts Background:
Pro MMA Record: 4-6

Get to Know the Fighters

Jomary Torres, associated with the Catalan Training System, is a highly respected and esteemed athlete in the realm of women’s MMA. Known for her dedication and work ethic, Torres is committed to honing her skills and constantly improving.

Fighters Background

Torres’s background lies in MMA, showcasing her versatility and well-rounded skill set. With her affiliation to the Catalan Training System, she receives top-notch training and guidance.

MMA Career

Torres holds a professional record of 4 wins and 6 losses, reflecting the challenges she has faced throughout her career. Notably, she participated in the first-ever 3v3 women’s bout, demonstrating her willingness to engage in unique and pioneering fights. Additionally, her bout against Mariane Mariano at URCC 84 was a historic war that left a lasting impression on fans and fellow fighters. Torres possesses an overall well-rounded skill set, showcasing her ability in various aspects of MMA. Her memorable performance against Mariane Mariano highlighted her resilience and fighting spirit. Looking ahead, Torres’s future prospects and potential are intriguing. Despite her losses, her ability to compete against top-level opponents like Mariane Mariano showcased her determination and capability to face the best in the sport. With her dedication and continued improvement, Torres has the potential to become a champion in her division. Jomary Torres is highly respected as a woman athlete in the Philippines. As she continues her MMA journey, it will be captivating to witness her growth and see if she can fulfill her potential and achieve championship glory.

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