Name: Brian Paule
Nationality: Philippines
Weight Class: Welterweight (170 lbs / 65.8 kg)
Height: 6’0
Martial Arts Background:
Pro MMA Record: 8-1

Get to Know the Fighters

Brian Paule, a well-known figure in the URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championship) community, has earned the admiration of fans and fellow fighters alike. With his affiliation to Tribal Submission, Paule has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Fighters Background

Paule’s background lies in striking, showcasing his skills and technique in the stand-up game. After a hiatus, he is now fully focused and back on track for URCC 85, demonstrating his dedication and commitment to his craft.

MMA Career

Paule boasts an impressive professional record of 8 wins and 1 loss, exemplifying his talent and success in the sport. He has competed as a veteran in the URCC and has even emerged victorious in the URCC 3v3 format. Known for his knockout power, Paule possesses the ability to end fights decisively. One of Paule’s most memorable performances was his victory over the URCC welterweight champion, Will Chope, highlighting his skills and potential. Building upon his reputation, Paule has become a fan favorite within the URCC community. Looking ahead, Paule’s future prospects are promising. He is scheduled for an upcoming rematch against Will Chope, with the welterweight championship at stake in URCC 85. This presents an exciting opportunity for Paule to showcase his growth and potentially claim the title. Brian Paule’s return to the URCC has generated anticipation and excitement among fans and fellow fighters. As he continues his journey in the promotion, his striking prowess and determined mindset make him a fighter to watch closely in the welterweight division.

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