Name:Dondon Serrano
Nationality: Philippines
Weight Class:
Height: 5’7″
Martial Arts Background:
Pro MMA Record: 2-0

Get to Know the Fighters

Dondon “Rugbiboy” Serrano, a prominent name in the world of bare knuckle fighting, has garnered a strong following and admiration from fans and fellow fighters. With his affiliation to LEGAL NA KAMAO, Serrano has made a name for himself with his boxing skills and explosive performances.

Fighters Background

Serrano’s background lies in boxing, which serves as the foundation of his fighting style. Known for his intense training and work ethic, Serrano dedicates himself to honing his boxing skills and staying in peak physical condition.

MMA Career

Serrano boasts a professional record of 2 wins and 0 losses in Bare Knuckle fights, demonstrating his prowess and success in the discipline. He holds the notable achievement of having the fastest knockout in bare knuckle URCC history, showcasing his ability to end fights in spectacular fashion. One of Serrano’s most memorable performances was his lightning-fast victory over Richie Redman at URCC 82, finishing the fight in under 10 seconds. This impressive feat further solidified his reputation and drew attention from fans and fellow fighters alike. Looking ahead, Serrano’s future prospects are promising. He is slated to fight against Allen Wycoco at URCC 85 for the inaugural URCC Bare Knuckle Welterweight Championship. This presents a significant opportunity for Serrano to showcase his skills and potentially claim the championship title. Dondon “Rugbiboy” Serrano has become a popular figure in the bare knuckle fighting scene, known for his knockout power and exciting fighting style. As he continues his journey in the URCC and competes for the inaugural URCC Bare Knuckle Welterweight Championship, Serrano’s explosive performances and dedicated approach make him a fighter to watch closely in the division.

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